We want you to get the most out of your garments. That’s why we’ve created this extensive guide. We work to create the highest quality garments by sourcing quality fabrics and manufacturers as well as supplier, but nothing is bulletproof, and clothing that is worn day-in, day-out will wear over time. By following our care principles we are confident you will be satisfied with the life of your garments.

Our Commitment to You

We strive to provide the best quality products, and we guarantee that our fabrics have all been tested thoroughly and will not shrink or bleed in colour. Occasionally, minor faults do occur, and if for any reason a product doesn’t live up to our promise then we will repair or replace faulty items at no charge, and we thank you for your understanding if this arises.

As a stockist of several brands and hundreds of individual products, care of each garment is individual.  We highly recommend you read the care labels which are sewn into every garment in a seam – either a side seam or waist seam.   If at any time you are unsure, we welcome you to contact us by email on hello@oliveandbrown.com.au to ask any questions on garment care.  This way we can help you out and avoid an item potentially being ruined in the wash.