The Custom Specialist

We specialise in two custom-made products:

  1. Shirts for men and women in cotton poly blend and 100% cotton;
  2. Shirt dresses.

O & B has it’s own factory and our custom lines are 6 weeks production from date of ordering.  To make it easier we have created hundreds of design options for you, taking the difficult part away from you.  All that’s left to do is choose your size, collar option and option of a pocket.  It’s that simple.  Click here to view our range of Custom Shirts and Shirt Dresses.

When you buy a shirt and shirt dress at O&B, not only are you getting incredible quality fabrics and stitching, you get to choose a few things to craft the perfect shirt or shirt dress for you.

You can choose:

  • You collar
  • Your cuff
  • Pocket – yes or no!

How good is that!

Customize your shirt

Made Especially For You

One thing to keep in mind, and this is VERY, VERY important. If you order a custom shirt or shirt dress, we ask for your patience. Every shirt and shirt dress you order is made just for you. That requires time. And in today’s world we all want things yesterday. If that’s the case for you, we highly recommend you choose products that are ready right now.

To make your custom product, our factory needs to hand pick your fabric, a ‘real’ human needs to read your order, and then make your shirt individually. That’s pretty cool, we know, BUT that means we need six weeks from the day you place your order to delivery to your front door.

If you can handle that, then get shopping – CLICK here to order your CUSTOM shirts now or CLICK HERE to order your CUSTOM shirt dress now.

Shirt Dresses For Women

Shirt Dresses

Our shirt dresses are made in 97% cotton and 3% elastane in a slightly heavier weight fabric than a standard dress shirt.  This gives you the confidence of durability as well as the right amount of weight to create a flattering dress that follows the body line without being see-through or too tight.

Choose from a classic colour or add a twist with our many contrast styles.

The best part is you get to choose the sleeve length, and whether you’d like two chest pockets.

CLICK HERE to view the range.


Returning custom shirts and shirt dresses

Our return policy on custom items differs to returns on other ‘non custom’ items.

You will have an opportunity to return a custom item for an exchange or refund only on your first purchase.  If you order a custom item for the first time, and you are not satisfied with the fit. With your guidance we will re-make your shirt or shirt dress in the correct size – we will only make your shirt again for free one time. So be sure you communicate your size issue so we can nail it second time round.  If for some reason we can’t get it right the size right the second time, we won’t try again – we’ll simple refund you.

BUT, you can only return your first custom item. That means if you buy 5 shirts in a multi-buy we will only re-make one item for you.

We strongly suggest, if you are unsure of your size, to order ONE CUSTOM SHIRT OR SHIRT DRESS first, that way if it’s not right we can make it again and then lock in your exact size in your profile so all future orders will be perfect!