In the 21st Century, work clothes for women have never been better. With more options than ever, workwear is getting more stylish, functional and even more comfortable. Big win! If you need some style inspiration for how to dress for work, we are here to shed some light on must-have pieces and emerging trends in women’s workwear. With comfort, practicality and style in mind, we’re breaking down the most popular looks in work clothes for women:

Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a must-have in any woman’s work wardrobe. They’re comfortable, stylish and look incredible year-round. They also act as a great building block to accessories and show off your personality and flair. Dress up a shirt dress with heels, jewellery or even a bold lip to keep your look fresh Monday to Friday. Plus, they’re easy to care for and suit so many shapes and sizes, making it an absolute winner in our books!


You can never go wrong with a blouse. With so many colours, styles, sleeve-lengths and more to choose from, you could have a different blouse for every day of the working year! We love a bright and bold colour option to add pop to a work wardrobe.

Sleeveless blouses are great in summer and are feminine and flattering.

Business Shirt

If you’re in a corporate environment, a business shirt never goes astray. It’s sleek without being masculine and looks powerful and flattering on. Plus, they go with absolutely everything. Wear on chinos, tailored pants, a skirt, and even layered under a vest for a Scandi-inspired look.


Chinos are one of our most popular women’s styles. Made with soft and durable fabric that offers some give for added comfort, these are a workwear staple. The slim-fit leg looks great on feminine body shapes and compliments any top options.


For a look that is professional, flattering and feminine, you can’t beat a great skirt. Ranging from straight cut, slim-line pencil skirts, A-line, flare, our O&B range of skirts has a fit for every woman. Pair a classic skirt colour for a bright and bold blouse for a fun work week look. In cooler weather, layer with stocking for extra warmth.


If you’re working an active or outdoor based job, a polo is a great option for freshness without compromising on looks. Polos are super breathable and lightweight and work well in more tropical climates. Their moisture wicking effect is great if you’re on the move a lot and want to feel fresh all day long. Best of all, polos are so easy to care for and come in a rainbow of colours.

With these key pieces in your work wardrobe, you’ll be the style icon of the office. Collect a few of each item and rotate through your pieces like a capsule wardrobe for a different look every day of the week. Let your clothes be an extension of your personality and keep things fun and fresh with practical and exciting work wardrobe.