Whether you’re starting a new job, or you’ve been at the same workplace for decades, every person’s wardrobe needs a collection of office wear that takes them through from Monday to Friday. By building out the must-have essentials in a workwear wardrobe, you’ll never spend another wasted moment wondering what to wear to the office again.


Collared Shirt

Classic, timeless, professional – is there anything better that a freshly pressed collared shirt? Whatever industry you’re in, chances are the collared shirt is in it too. Keep things versatile by having a collection of different colours to rotate through. The most important thing in a collared shirt is to make sure it fits well; too tight or too loose are both looks you do not want to be rocking at work. Get fitted properly for a look that you’ll be reaching for again and again.


Chinos are on trend, and for good reason. Their modern, slim leg cut is professional without the rigidity of classic trouser pants. They’re perfect for ‘social’ workplaces and will even see you right through the weekend. Plus, they’re super comfortable. Pair a fresh pair of chinos with a crisp collared shirt or blouse and launch into a functional and stylish work week.


Polos are a great uniform piece to have for warmer weather or if you’re in a role that requires you to be more active. Our polos are high quality, quick dry and easy care, making them a perfect addition to your office wear. Have a few different colours to mix and match throughout the week for more versatility. These are also a great option if your work requires you to be active or outdoors, as they are nice and breathable in warm weather.


Blazers are a winter wardrobe game changer. They look effortlessly stylish layered over a button-down shirt or blouse, with some simple accessorising. For both men and women, a blazer is a simple way of personifying professionalism whilst being practical. For winter, a wool blend style is ideal for extra warmth.

Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a must-have item in any woman’s office wear wardrobe. They’re stylish and simple and are seriously fuss free. Find a style that flatters your body shape and style with simple accessories and shows for a quick and smart outfit.


It’s amazing how something as simple as a belt can improve your look. This simple accessory looks professional and neat, whilst being extremely functional. They work with nearly every outfit. Plus, if you find that your outfit sometimes feel ‘incomplete’, it’s probably because it’s missing a belt!


Having these pieces on hand will make dressing for the office so much easier every morning. Buy having just a couple of each item, you will be able to mix and match from your perfectly curated capsule wardrobe so that you aren’t stuck wearing the same exact thing every Monday to Friday.