If you’ve fallen into the daily grind of wearing the same business shirt every day of the week, we’re here to ignite some inspiration in your work wardrobe. Men’s Shirts don’t exactly ooze excitement, but with a few simple changes, your work wardrobe has the potential to spark a bit more joy into your working week. Here’s how…

Get Colourful

Unless your workplace requires you to adhere to the standard white or blue business shirt, get colourful! Don’t be dissuaded by a bold colour or pattern. A shirt doesn’t have to be loud and flashy. Sometimes a deep blue, light pastel, or subtle pinstripe is enough to totally elevate your look. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to inject some personality into your workwear which is essential in the workplace.

To Tie or not To Tie

If a colourful men’s shirt feels like a bit of a leap, opt for a tie to lighten things up. Whether it’s in a bright colour or pattern, or sleek and simple, a tie is a great way to change up your shirt look. It also adds a layer of professionalism to any work look, making it great for client meetings.


Sometimes, all it takes to mix things up is to change up your sleeve length. A short-sleeved collared shirt is an awesome way to keep cool in warmer months. Long sleeves are classic and timeless and work well all year round. We also love a rolled sleeve look – it’s approachable and social without being sloppy.

Lose the Collar

If your workplace allows it, give up the full-time collared shirt look and funk things up with a well-fitted plain tee. Pair with chinos for a modern and sleek look. If you’re in a corporate workplace, this look makes a great Casual Friday style. Plus, it’s an ultra-comfortable way to spend a day at work!