Dress for the job you want. You’ve probably heard it before, but we can’t iterate just how important it is. Work clothes aren’t just the ‘costume’ we slip into from Monday to Friday; they have the potential to represent the purpose, intent and personality of your work persona. It is amazing how some slight changes and thought towards what you wear can affect your entire outlook on your work ethic. Here are the top three reasons why your work clothes matter:

You are what you wear

There’s no denying the fact that judging a book by its cover is, in fact, human nature. What you wear to work speaks volumes to who you are, what you value, and even what your role is. If you’re in a client-facing role, you are the physical embodiment of the business you work for. Clean, respectful and professional work clothes support the ideals a customer is most likely looking for in a business setting.

The most important thing to remember with clothes is to keep them neat, crease-free and well-fitting. Even casual or service-based uniforms (like aprons) can look professional if they’re sharp and smooth. Make sure to read the care label thoroughly and wash your work uniforms regularly and with care. Look after them and they’ll look after you, is what we like to say!

Your Work Clothes can affect your Performance

Believe it or not, what you wear to work really can enhance (or diminish) your performance in the workplace. Work clothes that look good make you feel good, and with the right outfit, chances are that you’ll stand a little taller and shine a little brighter.

The opposite is true too; if you’re in clothes that bring down your confidence, are ill-fitting, or that are unclean and overused, you’re inviting poor work ethic and low-self-esteem to project. Think of your work uniform as an extension of yourself – ask yourself, what impression do you want to be putting out into the world?

Dress for who you want to be

Continuing on from the point above, your work clothes really do have the power to boost your confidence. If you want to work your way to the top of a corporate ladder, an unwashed shirt and loose-fitting pants aren’t going to get you there. Whether your one promotion away or an intern, dress for the role you want and the person you want to be. Consider what makes you feel awesome when you’re wearing it and work it into a work-appropriate Monday to Friday look.

We hope you are feeling inspired and ready to change up your work uniform. It is pretty astounding how a few choices in your work outfit can totally change your outlook on your job, role, and attitude to work. What you wear isn’t just what you wear ­– it has the power to shape your entire attitude and outlook on any given day. It is a way to personify who you are, and that is one of the most important things you can do at work.