If there’s one thing no one wants to do in the morning before work, it’s deciding what to wear. That’s why we’re committed to a workwear wardrobe that supports the philosophy of the capsule: classic styles and quality pieces to be worn on repeat. Our list of the Top 6 Must-Have looks in women’s workwear are pieces that you’ll be reaching for time and time again from Monday to Friday…

The White Button-Down Collared Shirt

Nothing speaks chic workwear like the humble white button-down shirt. Make it trans-seasonal with long sleeves for cooler seasons (and the arctic-grade air-con!) and short sleeve styles in the summer. Paired with a skirt or black pant, this is a must-have top for your work wardrobe year-round.

The Coloured Blouse

We are all guilty of falling into the black-and-white workwear rotation! Brighten things up with a blouse that pops and show your personality and flair through colour expression. Our blouse range is soft, fresh and feminine, designed to flatter your natural shape. Plus, they come in a range of styles and colours to elevate your workwear wardrobe.

The Plain Tee

The Plain Tee look is emerging, and channels laid back, youthful vibes. It may not work in every corporate environment, but if a plain tee is a suitable addition to your workwear collection, add it! It may even be style you want to make your casual Friday look. Style tucked into pants or jeans, and add depth with jewellery, belts and a light neck scarf.


The Shirt Dress

No women’s workwear wardrobe is complete without a shirt dress. Perfect for every occasion, season and day of the week, a professional and clean-cut dress will be your most loved item in your wardrobe. They’re easy to care for and even easier to put on and accessorise – the one piece completes the whole look! Accessorise it with a modest heel and belt for a look that exudes understated elegance.

The Blazer

Dress for success with a blazer that channels your inner #girlboss energy. Complete any women’s workwear look with a sophisticated, quality blazer that complements your feminine shape. We always suggest stocking this must-have apparel piece in at least a couple of colours – you can never have too many blazers!

The Chino Pant

Chinos are made with comfort in mind, which makes them our favourite pant for a capsule workwear wardrobe. They look stylish and flattering, whilst offering support and comfort thanks to the elastane content. Find your perfect size fit, and you’ll be wearing these must-haves on repeat.

With these staple items in your wardrobe, your work style is about to go through the roof. Our biggest tip with these pieces is to have a couple of each in different colours, so that you can mix and match and rotate through every piece for some winning combos. You will barely have to wear the exact same outfit twice, which keeps your Monday to Friday wardrobe exciting and fresh.